Music… speaks in thousands of languages and is understood by all… it has no borders and no nationality!”
– Dr. Motte

1989: on former West Berlin’s main avenue Kurfürstendamm, legendary Berlin DJ Dr. Motte rallied together with other exciting techno/house groovers of the time and the LOVE PARADE was born. His idea to promote a “housemusic demonstration” evolved into a demonstration FOR something, namely: tolerance, respect and understanding between nations. Instead of speeches and pamphlets there was music.

Becoming an open forum for the international electronic dance music movement, the LOVE PARADE has grown from 150 participants and one truck on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm in 1989 to over a million ravers and 50 trucks. This enthusiasm only supports Dr. Motte’s principle that “music.. speaks in thousands of languages and is understood by all”. And so the LOVE PARADE has become the annual techno super-event for international followers of the european-bred movement that is – Techno! In 1996 the LOVE PARADE outgrew it’s clothes, moved to Berlin’s Tiergarten and remains there.

The demonstration traditionally begins at 2pm at Ernst-Reuter-Platz and at the Brandenburg Gate which are the opposite end points of the Strasse des 17. Juni, the route of the parade. A fantastic procession of trucks and floats deliver LOVE PARADE message of peace, love, respect and tolerance in the world, with up to 250 different DJs spinning! Two processions proceed towards the Siegessäule (Victory Column statue), where they meet for the big rally that begins around 6:30pm.

Since 2000 the the LOVE PARADE now demonstrates in other countries like Austria, England, Israel and South Africa – more about these parades you will find in our [LOVE PARADE international section]. All the parades share the same motto and create an international web and platform for electronic dance music, a techno network that well reflects Dr. Motte’s words: “music knows no boundries and no nationalities!”

Read more about the history of Love Parade at Love Parade Berlin’s website.